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Here we have gathered some of our e-books about various aspects of the LPG business. In a handy and informative manner, they can provide you with valuable knowledge about everything from general LPG basics to specific details on equipment and advice on maintenance - and all the stuff in between. 

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Why is reconditioning important?

Reconditioned cylinders do, with their shiny surfaces, look appealing to customers. Learn how old and damaged cylinders can be converted to profit for your business.

Understanding LPG - your guide to the LPG basics

What is LPG? How does the gas behave? And what are the things to be aware of when dealing with it? These are just some of the questions we deal with in this e-book.

White paper on filling accuracy

Accuracy is crucial when filling cylinders. Too little, and the customer feels cheated. Too much, and you are facing a potentially dangerous situation. In this white paper, you can read all about the importance of filling accuracy and how to maximise it.

Vaporizer - an investment that will secure your profit

A vaporizer is the ultimate cost-saving device - and not only in cold climates. Check out this e-book to learn more about the importance and benefits of vaporizers.

6 profit-eating flaws in your filling system

Even the tiniest flaws will affect the overall capacity of a filling plant. This e-book highlights six of the most common problems plus the way to fight them.